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Ever take out your phone… Just to look at it??

Lumia 800
Have you ever caught yourself pulling out your phone for no good reason?

  • What time is it? Oh wait, I didn’t care.
  • Did I get any message since I last checked 5 minutes ago? No. But I already knew that because my phone didn’t notify me.
  • Did anything awesome happen on Twitter, BBM or Facebook in the last 10 minutes? Probably not.
  • I think I’ll just scroll through my inbox or applications while I’m on this elevator.
  • Maybe you just wanted to fondle it…
  • Or show it off…

If this is you, you’re not alone.

Checking my phone has become THE unconscious response of choice to the slightest scintilla of boredom.

What did people do 50 years ago?
Heck, what did I do… 15 years ago?



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