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Photosynth and some random thoughts on Microsoft

Photosynth is now available for Windows Phone users… Finally…

I always thought it was a little embarrassing on Microsoft’s part to let iPhone users enjoy and brag about their awesome Photosynth app for over a year before eventually supporting their own Windows Phone customers. I’m sure there are valid reasons but its really inexcusable to make your own customers wait over a year to try it out.

Microsoft's Photosynth

Microsoft has been putting out some great products lately but they seem to be suffering a serious lack good branding creativity, reminiscient of Nokia in their N95 heydays.

Bing will never be a verb, Live wasn’t used properly and Hotmail needs to just die already.

But at least those are just one word.

SkyDrive elicits a big yawn and Windows Phone just sounds like someone’s grandfather named it with all those letters and words. Personally I think “Cumulus” and/or “Nimbus” would have been a far more awesome name for their cloud services. But that’s just me.

Anyways, it’s a cool app. You can check out a few of my Photosynths here:

  1. Yonge & Bloor during subway downtime
  2. Bloor Viaduct from the DVP

At what point does one realize that the bus isn’t going to pull over?

I left nice and early this morning so that I could arrive at work early…

  • and yet 20-30 minutes later, here I am at this bus stop..
  • insufferable rain…
  • drenched work pants – fresh from the dry cleaners (downside of being tall – the umbrella only protects my torso -_-)
  • along with about 15 unfortunate people
  • York Region Transit is on strike so only a core network of routes remain in service.

…I knew something was amiss when the bus finally came and let the passengers disembark on the drenched grass before the bus stop…

Engage iPhone > Unlock Screen > Camera > Begin Video Recording


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