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A Year with the iPhone 4…

The Wood Grain iPhone 4

Hard to believe that I’ve used one phone consistently for one year… and counting. That’s easily the longest period of time I’ve ever used a single phone for considering I’ve used at least 60 different phones in the past 6 years (modest for some, I’m sure..).

What I find even more surprising is that I haven’t had a scintilla of desire for another phone since I got the iPhone 4 on July 31, 2010. In fact, I hardly even care about other phones anymore, save for the exotic Nokia N9.

In the past year…

  • The iPhone 4 has been my communicator, camera, bank teller, food finder, news & weather channel and so much more for me…check out my post about why it’s the best device out.
  • 1,001 analogous Android devices have come and gone. If I wasn’t ‘involved’ in the industry, I wouldn’t even know their names…
  • I won a Nokia N8 at an event. Like a true Symbian user, I keep the firmware updated but, like a typical iPhone user, I just can’t bring myself to use it
  • I’ve missed Nokia’s great camera qualities… but that’s about it…
  • I’ve been labelled an “Apple fanboy” by some. Apparently when you use, appreciate and advocate quality products, that’s what you are…
  • …Meanwhile, most of the competition is still trying to catch up and are still trying to figure out what hit them….


  • # of drops that left a mark on the iPhone: 2
  • # of times lost: 0
  • # of times taken in for service: 1 (to get cracked glass on the back replaced. The people at the Apple store did it for free.)
  • # of warranty replacements: 0
  • # of apps: 123
  • # of songs: 3,110
  • # of videos: 4
  • # of photos: 4,666
  • Total talktime: 6 days, 5 hours
  • Total data transmitted: 8.8GB


  • Favourite case: None.. I like it naked
  • Games:
  • Favourite imaging app: Camera+
  • Favourite productivity app: 2Do
  • The Holy Bible
  • Favourite jailbroken feature: 5 icons on the dock
  • Favourite unspoken feature: rating music in the iTunes app
  • Favourite photos taken with my iPhone 4:
    Silver | The Skyway, Lake Ontario, Burlington | Westbound | Me | Queen St, East of Bathurst
  • Favourite video taken with my iPhone 4 (best part is with 30 seconds remaining):

What’s Next…:

Admittedly, I’m dying to try out the Nokia N9 and the next Nokia Windows device. I’d also like to upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 as soon as it’s commercially available. In the end though, I have a feeling that I’m just going to retire for another year with the next generation iPhone. I’m too entrenched in the iTunes ecosystem to explore half-baked alternatives.

We’ll see…


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