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Four Reasons Why I Hate Ikea

Ikea and I have a love/hate relationship.. Whenever I visit the store, I feel inspired by their showrooms. Like any good showroom, they exude a sense of empowerment. “I can do that!” I say… And I often do.

But as high as Ikea can lift my spirits, is balanced by how low it drags me down as I find myself hating them – time after time:

  1. The initial visit is almost always dreadful.. Especially during busy promo event weekends like “back to school”. Its easy to get lost in the showrooms but lord help you when you want to get the heck out of there and end up being blocked by some family of 10. Move it people!!! You can take your chances with the shortcuts between departments but that’s like a game of Snakes and Ladders and, more often than not, I usually get the snakes as I find myself at the beginning of the board.
  2. Ok.. So you finally get home and get the instructions only to find this amorphous man telling you what tools you’ll need. What he doesn’t tell you is whether that panel that goes on the side is the one with 2 medium holes and 1 small hole or the the one with 1 medium hole and 2 small holes… Don’t worry though, you’ll know when you’re almost finished and realize you picked the wrong one… Where’s that CTRL + Z button when you need it?
  3. Moving Ikea furniture… You’re damned if you disassemble it, and your damned if you don’t
  4. Cuz no matter what you did for step #3, you know you’ll be back at Ikea at the return/exchange counter waiting 45 minutes to replace a couple wooden pegs.

Oh Ikea…


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